6 Promises

These are the six promises I am making to the people who visit the website, the readers of the blog, the email subscribers, and anyone who works with me.
  • Showing compassion toward myself and others and encourage compassion among the Olivia Pener community
  • Sharing with vulnerability regarding my emotions as they relate to running an online business, including:
    • triumphs
    • struggles
    • stresses
  • Transparency regarding trying new ideas, what works and doesn't work for me, my successes and failures, and the lessons I learn
  • Intentionality with decisions regarding blog and social media posts I publish, products and services I offer, purchases I make, and other business-related endeavors
  • Presence regarding what it happening in my business, in my brand community, and outside of my business - all with a focus on what is currently happening
  • Action in terms of doing what I say I'm going to do and moving forward even when it's scary or difficult

6 Platforms

This is what Olivia Pener the brand stands for as well as wht I stand for as a business owner and a human being running a business for the purpose of serving others in online business.
  • Connection with myself and others as whole and aware beings
  • Willingness to feel, savor, and participate in business and in life
  • Functional coherence and wisdom over being right
  • Meaning and purpose by choice and concern for others
  • Orientation to my internal and external environment
  • A sense of a complete business competence: business ownership as a whole and complete person