The Shift: Taking Your Business from “I Can’t” to “How Can I?”

The Shift is a way of addressing the human needs that show up for all of us as online business owners so that we get stuck less and get moving more. It’s like learning how to drive a manual transmission, but in our minds instead of on the roads.

The Shift is not some multi-step process that you do once and never give so much as a passing glance again. It’s an ongoing way of living and running a business that can lead to greater fulfillment as a person and as a brand and can help us get unstuck whenever stuck happens.

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"I Don't Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur"

In an online space that can seem saturated with business owners, many of us can have the feeling from time to time that we don’t have what it takes to exist there, let alone compete. This feeling of not being good enough in some way is totally normal, and a solid reminder that we belong is sometimes all the motivation we need to keep going. However, when this Noisy Passenger’s voice becomes the only thing we hear and pushes us to the brink of throwing in the towel, we need more than just good vibes to keep our foot on the gas pedal.

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"I'm worried I'm taking up space from people who deserve it more than me."

How many times has our brain told us that we are a nobody and that we have no business doing what we’re doing? When Imposter Syndrome finds its way onto our bus, we can feel defeated and want to throw in the towel. Here’s how to relate to it so you can continue moving forward with your business (and it can keep its butt in its seat!)

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"I Can't Stop Comparing Myself to Others in My Industry"

As human beings, we are naturally pulled to compare ourselves to others; it is an aspect of humanity that is bound to happen because we share the same spaces and are capable of observing one another. Comparison is not inherently bad; noticing differences between ourselves and other people is a byproduct of taking in our environments and generally being observant creatures.

Once labels and judgments about ourselves and others are applied to the information we take in, that comparison becomes Envy, a Noisy Passenger on our bus who attempts to get more involved than they should in how we drive and where we go.

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