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You started your business to do meaningful work driven by your passion. After reading a ton of blog posts written by people who claimed to make six figures a month, you took the leap into online business.

Your journey, however, has not been the stuff of viral YouTube videos or $100K product launches. Your journey has looked more like this:

  • inconsistent motivation to get that sales page/ebook/online course finished
  • nights spent staring at a blank Google Doc on your computer screen
  • overwhelm after reading 195,398,295 blog posts about how to do all the things
  • laugh-crying at how much all the awesome software costs
  • "market research" that somehow always turns into scrolling through your Facebook feed

Last night you binge-watched Netflix for 17 hours and then berated yourself for wasting time instead of getting something done for your business. You want to know what to do next and you want it to mean something to you.


The Entrepreneur's Values-Based Road Map

A 65-page workbook that lays the foundation for your business direction and decisions

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After completing this ebook, you will:

  • have a list of personal business values that you actually care about
  • be able to to use those values to decide what you want to do each day for your business
  • set clear and realistic goals and actually move your business forward
  • make decisions in your business regardless of whether you have goals or not
  • be able to watch Netflix at the end of the day without kicking yourself post-binge 

"This book reminded me of who I am at my core - not just what I do well. It made me excited about putting what I discovered into practice and gave me the confidence to do so."

Allison Beckwith,

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what you get:


There are 12 exercises throughout the book specifically chosen to walk you through each step of the values- and goals-mapping process. You'll know what matters most right now and you'll have a framework for adapting, changing, and deciding new values and goals in the future.


At the end of each section there are reflection questions designed to get you thinking about each piece as you work through the book. These guided reflections will help you approach your goals and values with flexibility so you don't kick yourself for not living up to them every day. (You are human, right?)


There are multiple places in the book for capturing any notes or thoughts you have as you read and work through the exercises. This book is designed to be completed again and again; as you go through it each time, these notes will remind you of where you were and show you how much progress you've made.

The ebook will come as a PDF download that you can print for your personal use.


How It Works

1. Click the "I Want the Road Map" button

2. You'll be taken to a sales page where you can add the ebook to your cart

3. Once the ebook is in your cart, click 'Cart' at the top right of the page

4. Click 'Checkout' and fill in your information to purchase the ebook

5. On the order confirmation page the ebook file will be available for you to immediately download. You will also receive an email containing your receipt and a link to the file.

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You are hemorrhaging time and money...

You can save yourself the hundreds of dollars you spend on software subscriptions that are supposed to make email marketing and social media scheduling and content creation easy and breezy but don't seem to make sense for you.

You can rescue your eyeballs from your computer screen (a.k.a. The Void) so they don't continue to look like you haven't slept in a month and feel like you've poured rubbing alcohol into them.

You can stop bouncing between fourteen different ideas for your lead magnet slash opt-in freebie slash content upgrade and make a confident decision (and then create the damn thing).

One person actually FOUND money after using the ebook to establish her business values and re-evaluate her expenses and now donates money from every sale she makes.


Who It's For:

  • Busy entrepreneurs who are tired of hacking together other people's strategies for running a business
  • People who want to make business decisions that make sense for them and what they actually care about
  • Individuals willing to invest some time and careful thought into the exercises and reflections
  • Anyone with access to a printer (the PDF is not fillable, you have to print it out)

Who It's Not For:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to be told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it (this book is all about learning how to figure it out for yourself)
  • People who don't want their business to be meaningful for them (totally fine, this just isn't for you)
  • Individuals who already make business decisions aligned with their personal and professional, action-based values
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About the author

I'm Olivia. I wrote this ebook to provide you with a way to approach your business as a confident human who knows what you're about.

I help people find out what really matters to them and how to focus on that in a way that allows them to make smart, purposeful choices in their businesses every day.

By guiding entrepreneurs through the process in this book, I have assisted them in tapping into courage and productivity they didn't think was possible.

You can go from being completely confused and on the verge of giving up to feeling like you've got this, and this ebook can take you there.


"I was able to conquer my fear enough to speak to 30+ people at a public event. The guidance Olivia has provided is amazing and has helped me push even further ahead with my goals."

Eve Tokens,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a physical book?

The book comes as a digital download. Once you've purchased the book you will have the option to download it to your computer immediately.

May I print the ebook?

You can print the ebook as many times as you'd like for your personal use. The workbook was designed to be used over and over as you and your business grow and evolve.

Other than that, you may not redistribute or reproduce any part of this product by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise. Please read the full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before purchasing.

Is the PDF fillable?

Currently, the PDF download is not fillable. You can print the ebook and fill in the exercises and reflections.

How long do I have to download the file?

Once you click your download link, you will have access to the digital download for 24 hours. If you don't download the ebook within the 24-hour window, shoot me an email at and I can resend you the link.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the product there are no refunds. (It can't be returned once it has been purchased.)