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a three month group coaching program

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navigate through your mental business obstacles

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You are so done...


You just turned down another opportunity to teach a live class because it scared the crap out of you. You didn't even finish reading the email because you thought you were going to puke all over your laptop keyboard. You're tired of hiding behind your computer screen (and missing out on the dollars you could be making).


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life after maneuver:

  • You speak in front of groups and seek out opportunities to be a guest on blogs and podcasts
  • You actually hit 'publish' on your blog posts and 'send' on your email broadcasts
  • You say "YES" to opportunities you used to say "NO" to out of fear
  • Your business brings in enough money to pay all of your bills
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a 3-month group coaching program that teaches you a process for dealing with nagging thoughts, overwhelming feelings, and limiting beliefs so that you don't stay stuck.

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pay in full


3 month payment plan

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I had a hundred thousand gazillion reasons to say no. Olivia gave me such amazing advice that has worked wonders!

"I was offered an unexpected opportunity that I didn’t feel worthy of - in fact I felt rather fearful of - even though it aligned completely with my work and my passion. Olivia helped me to see that the fear I felt was in itself proof of how much this opportunity meant to me, and provided me with multiple exercises to enable me to focus on what was important to me. I ended up giving the best workshop of my life, and have been approached by other companies to do more."

~ Eve Tokens (The Creative Curator)

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What You get:


6 x 60 minute group coaching calls

3 x 60 minute group coworking calls

3 workbooks


3 x 60 minute group reflection calls

Facebook group community support



pay in full


3 month payment plan


You're letting your mind
keep you from making money

Trying to run a business while you're paralyzed with fear is not only draining your energy but also your bank account. You're spending hundreds of dollars each month on software that is supposed to help you put yourself out there but you aren't using it because you're afraid of putting yourself out there. (Read: the software won't eliminate your fear)

You're also losing valuable time doing busy work that isn't actually moving your business forward. Just because it looks like work doesn't always mean it's working. (See what I did there?) Your time is better spent learning ways to address the overwhelm and guilt and imposter syndrome rather than perfecting your latest Photoshop project for the seventeenth time.

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30-Day Guarantee

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The Maneuver group program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you decide you do not want to participate in the program you will receive a refund of all money paid minus a non-refundable deposit. After 30 days you may still leave the program at any time by cancelling your contract. This will result in you not having to pay any future payments, but all money paid up to that point would be considered non-refundable.


fast-action bonus:

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The first ten people who join the Maneuver group program will also receive a digital download of the Entrepreneur's Values-Based Road Map (a $47 dollar value) available immediately upon purchase!

The Entrepreneur's Values-Based Road Map is a 65-page workbook that helps you lay the foundation for your business direction and decisions by identifying what is most important to you and turning them into action steps you can take every day to run your business and achieve your goals.


Olivia helped me realize that my perfectionism and need to "do it right" were holding me back.

"I wasn't sure if I should keep my design packages the way they were or change them. I was very caught up in 'doing it right' out of a fear that if I didn't do it right, I would fail. Olivia's words and activities helped me move past those fears to go with my gut and focus more on doing what feels right to me as opposed to what someone else thinks is the 'right' way to do something. I ended up making a decision more from really thinking about what made the most sense and how to sell successfully."

~ Kimi Mischke (Brave & Co. Design)

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Here's what happens when you join the program:

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Click "Heck Yes! I'm Ready!" and pay in full or click "Let's Do This!!" and make the first of 6 monthly payments. Either way you'll need either a major debit/credit card or a PayPal account to pay for the program.

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Check your email for your payment receipt (and payment plan details if you went that route), a welcome letter from me, and a contract for you to sign.

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Once your contract is signed be on the look out for your welcome pack (containing all the program details), the program timeline, and a questionnaire for you to complete before the program begins.

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The first day of the program you receive your first workbook to kick things off! (Our first group call is a few days later.)

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Meet me (virtually) via Zoom on the day of our first group call! I'll go over the Welcome Packet with everyone and answer all of your questions then as well.



pay in full


3 month payment plan


🙋🏽 This is for you if:

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You have completed the Orient coaching program or have a flexible process for identifying and clarifying your values as business owners

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You have been in business for a while and feel stuck - as if you can't seem to move forward (finish projects, write new blog posts or record new YouTube videos, engage with your followers, etc.)

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Your nagging thoughts and negative beliefs about yourself and your brand keep you from making the kinds of choices you'd like to make for your business (like starting weekly FB live videos or going over your bookkeeping on a regular basis)

You have a computer/laptop with internet access for at least a couple hours a week

You want access to a small, engaged, mastermind-level community of entrepreneurs for accountability and encouragement

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You have either an online or a brick & mortar business (or both!)


🙅🏽 This is not for you if:

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You do not want a group coaching experience; I offer 1-1 coaching programs as well (ORIENT and ARRIVE).

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You have not been in business for at least three months

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You already have strategies for addressing your mental obstacles and limiting beliefs and you aren't interested in learning or developing new ones

You cannot commit to at least two of the four calls each month

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You are not willing to be uncomfortable while dealing with unwanted thoughts and feelings (your own or those of others; working on mindset stuff means no trying to rescue people from their thoughts!)

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Hey There!

Olivia here.

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I developed this group coaching program to provide you with a way to handle all of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that seem to get in your way when you need to make decisions or take actions in your business. It also offers accountability and shared experiences with other entrepreneurs dealing with similar mindset challenges.

You can understand and deal with their thoughts without putting your business on hold first. This is about changing the relationship you have with your mind so that whenever it starts putting you down you can still move forward instead of getting wrapped up trying to prove your mind wrong or make it stop first.

This program helps people speak at public events, decide which ideas to pursue and which to scrap, face their fear of getting their picture taken for their website, make choices that lead to more followers and more money in their pockets.

By going through the processes in this program, you can go from being completely overwhelmed and on the verge of giving up to posting in your favorite Facebook group about how putting yourself out there even though you were scared totally paid off.




pay in full


3 month payment plan

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frequently asked questions

+ When are the group calls?

Group calls are once per week. The days and times of the calls will be set based on the responses to the questionnaire in order to try and accommodate for the diversity of participants' schedules.

+ What happens if I can't make the group calls?

Every call is recorded. If you cannot make the live call you will still receive a recording that you can replay at your convenience. Calls cannot be rescheduled due to the group nature of the program.

+ What is Coworking?

Coworking is similar to a coaching call in that you will be on a live call with other people. The difference between coaching and coworking is that I will not be actively teaching a lesson or providing 1-1 direct feedback. Instead, all of the participants will be separated into small groups and will participate in a call with one another. The call will consist of each person working on a project of their choosing during the allotted timeframe and providing one another feedback on those projects when requested. I will be available for feedback during these calls as well but the bulk of the call will be with the other members of the small group.

+ How do I know who is in my Coworking group?

When you receive the email containing program details, it will contain a more in-depth description of the Coworking process and how the smaller groups will be chosen. The program details will also contain information about how to access the Coworking calls, how they are structured, and how to get the most from them.

+ What if nobody shows up to the Coworking call but me?

If for some reason only one person shows up to their small group's coworking call, I will join that call and Cowork with that person. If more than one small group has low attendance I will put those groups together into one Coworking call.

+ How can I get the most out of the calls?

You can get the most out of the calls by doing the prep work ahead of time and participating in the discussion and coworking sessions. During each coaching call we will review the responses and exercises from the workbooks, so it's important that you complete the work before we meet. Detailed instructions on workbook completion are inside the Welcome Packet.

+ How much time will this take each week?

I recommend setting aside 30 minutes to an hour 3-5 days each week. This is an intensive program designed to give you actionable results and encourage dedicated reflection. It's a good idea to have time each day to dig into the materials, review the information in our calls, and reflect upon the work you have done and the thoughts you have processed.

+ What is the refund policy if I paid in full?

Because of the hybrid service-based and digital nature of the program, payment includes a $375 non-refundable deposit. If you cannot participate you can cancel your contract at any time prior to the start date and receive a refund of three-fourths the purchase price ($1125). If you wish to leave the program after it has begun, you can cancel your contract and receive a refund of one-half the purchase price ($750). If you wish to leave the program after the first month you can cancel your contract, however no refund will be available.

+ What is the refund policy if I am on a payment plan?

Because of the hybrid service-based and digital nature of the program, payment includes a $375 non-refundable deposit. If you cannot participate you can cancel your contract at any time prior to the start date and receive a refund of any money paid up to that point minus the deposit. If you wish to leave the program after it has begun, you can cancel your contract and receive a refund of any money paid up to that point minus $750. If you wish to leave the program after the first month you can cancel your contract, however no refund will be available.

+ What if my question isn't here?

I'd love to heard your questions and concerns if you're on the fence or need more information before purchasing. Shoot me an email at olivia [at] oliviapener [dot] com and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.