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a one month coaching program

Orient choose a direction for your business to travel

choose a direction for your business to travel

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You know you need to get clear on your target audience and what you're offering them, but your mind (and everything else) is a mess.

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You have Shiny Object Syndrome: 17 Google Chrome tabs open with blog posts and YouTube videos about finding your “why” and how to start a profitable business with zero dollars using social media and Squarespace.

You also have no clue of how to put yourself out there in a way that actually attracts people to your business. Where do I get more clients? What hashtags work best?

You're a bit afraid of niching down. Fear of Missing Out is a real thing too and you've got it. If you make your brand too specific, you could potentially be excluding tons of people who might possibly buy something from you maybe someday.

All it’s gotten you so far is a brain full of scattered and unfocused thoughts and a lack of clarity around what you’re doing each day to turn your ideas into an actual factual business that has an audience and makes money.

You need focus. You need direction. You need to stop spinning your wheels.
You are not a hamster. 🐹  (but that is a hamster, right? Idk all my emojis...)



There are so many people working for themselves online who have this mentality:

I want to do so many things because of my varied interests and skills, and I can’t focus on one 🙈. I see problems that I know I can help people solve, but the starting point of what to pick is me.

Problem is, the "me" is a million things. You love spreadsheets and designing things in Photoshop. You enjoy writing website copy and you can DIY a webinar setup on a custom landing page in 5 minutes. Your hand-lettering game is bananas and you take amazing photos of the meals you create in your kitchen.

How are you supposed to turn all of these incredible talents into one streamlined, profitable, meaningful business?

On top of that, your brain is telling you that you aren't worthy of running your own business and making enough money to thrive without a day job. Your brain is pointing to as many external indicators of your impending failure as it can possibly find to keep you from taking the first step or the next step after that. It's trying to keep you safe but the best way it can think of to protect you is to keep you from doing anything at all.

You can't fail if you don't try, right?

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Actually, you're right. You absolutely can't fail if you don't try in the first place.


You also can't get anywhere if you stay in one place. I'm willing to bet you didn't start your business or brand just to let it sit there in a state of semi-permanent disarray. Underneath the overwhelm you've got big goals to accomplish.

In her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Dr. Carol Dweck says,

"Important achievements require a clear focus, all-out effort, and a bottomless trunk full of strategies. Plus allies in learning."

Your business is an important achievement. At one point you mustered the courage, the resolve, and the grit to venture out on your own and attempt something new and difficult. That deserves accolades because that's a tough and brave step to take on its own!

Now that you're in this wild unknown of marketing strategies, social media tactics, and advice-giving galore, you need to find that clear focus if you're going to continue to push forward. You need a compass that can point you toward true North no matter how thick with distractions the wilderness gets.

That's where ORIENT comes in... (and not just because it's an awesome metaphor)


A month-long, 1-to-1 coaching program that identifies and
clarifies the purpose of your business, and establishes
a foundational strategy for running your business every day.

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Life as a business-savvy human being is pretty grand:

  • You get better sleep because your mind isn't racing with everything you didn't get done that day. The items on your to-do list now have a tangible, applicable purpose for being there that you understand and you're actually crossing off those items each day during your work hours.

  • You spend your evenings hanging out with friends and family (or staying home and catching up on your Netflix queue) because you aren't worried you didn't do enough during the day. You know that the time you put into your business is time well-spent. No more hours lost in the void of the Facebook News Feed. #ReclaimingMyTime

  • You enjoy peace of mind because you know what you're doing with your business in the next week, month, and year. (Bye bye, stress headaches!)

  • You feel confident creating content and sharing your skills with the world because you have a clear picture of what you're offering to people, to whom specifically you're offering it, and why it matters to you that you're doing any of this at all.

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You already have what it takes to put your business in motion, it's just all over the place.


Don’t waste a year of your time and hundreds of dollars overloading yourself with information and downloads that you can't make heads or tails of. You deserve better than to be bogged down like that. (Trust me. I've done that. It sucks.)

Spend one month crafting a laser-focused strategy - based on personalized, well-developed core values - that will guide you to the decisions and practices that make the most sense for your business, your audience, your revenue goals, and your sanity.

Then take a nap, because it's good for you (not because you're procrastinating).




Here's how it works... 👇🏽


Click "YES! Sign Me Up!" to go to the scheduling page and choose the time and date of your first call (the Exploration Call).


Fill in your information and submit payment via debit/credit card or PayPal.


Check your email for a confirmation of your scheduled Exploration Call, a receipt for your payment, and a contract for you to sign.


Once the contract is signed, check your email again for a Welcome Packet from me (with every piece of info you need for our month together) and instructions on how to schedule the rest of your calls.


Meet me (virtually) via Zoom for our first call and we’re off! I'll go over the Welcome Packet with you and answer your questions then too.

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You get everything you need to establish a firm
foundation for your business

  • a 90-minute Exploration Call so I can learn about you, your business, who you serve, and why it all matters

  • a Values & Operations Workbook designed to guide you through the process of identifying and clarifying your core business values, as well as how to use those values to establish a solid, thorough, actionable strategy for operating your business from day to day

  • 3 60-minute Coaching Calls to help you fine tune your values and tailor your operations strategy to the unique needs of your business and/or brand

  • Email access for 1 month for all of the questions, comments, concerns, and stuck points that may happen in between our scheduled calls

  • Recordings of all calls so you don't have to furiously take notes during our sessions!

  • Call Notes delivered via email to make it even easier to put what we discuss into practice

  • a Personalized Business Core Values & Strategy Summary for you to use as a reference for your values and operations strategy both during our time together and after our month has ended




🙋🏽 This is for you if:

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You know you have the tools and the knowledge you need to grow a successful and profitable online business, you just don’t know how to put it all together in a way that uses your time productively and wisely.

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You are easily overwhelmed (or easily distracted) and need a strategic, concrete plan of action to follow on a consistent basis.

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You have been in online business for at least three months.

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You have access to an internet connection and 3 hours a week to dedicate to the program (that’s about 35 minutes a day, 5 days a week).


🙅🏽 This is not for you if:

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You're looking for a Done-For-You service: this program is done with you so it requires your presence and commitment to implementation.

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You don't have an online business yet: this program assumes you have a basic understanding of what your business does (graphic design, fitness blogging, accounting, etc.); we cannot establish how to smoothly run said business if it does not yet exist.

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Hey there!

Olivia here.

I know it's not as easy being an online entrepreneur as you thought it would be. People on the internet make a lot of claims that aren't based in reality, and the online space is full of information to consume. It's easier getting caught up in all the webinars and free downloads than it is to know what will work for you and your specific venture. (I have an external hard drive full of Creative Market freebies to prove it!)

Call it Shiny Object Syndrome, call it Imposter Syndrome, call it plain old overwhelm. Whatever the name, as soon as the emails from the 147 newsletters you subscribed to start flooding your inbox every day you feel like you'd rather take a week-long nap than try to figure out which software or resource or course will get you to a thousand subscribers by tomorrow.


Your brain and body need a break. I can help you create a path that will get you there and keep you from getting frazzled all over again. You don't need to watch a million YouTube videos or learn CSS first. You need to truly determine what matters to you in business, turn that into an action plan, and create a personal process for committing to that action consistently.

You can do it. As a mindset coach and business strategist I have spent plenty of time learning, developing, and putting into practice different strategies for helping people like you wrangle the barrage of thoughts in their heads and turning that energy into organized, efficient, simple systems and actions to take.

Let me be your ally in learning. Together we'll get meaningful sh*t done.

💆🏽 Relax your shoulders. Breathe.


You can get started right now 👍🏽


Put your business on a personalized path to fulfillment, purpose,
connection, and coins in your bank account. I know that sounds
woo-woo, but you know you want those things for yourself.
Let's get you in the driver's seat and tackle the wilderness together.



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frequently asked questions

+ What is coaching?

To me, coaching is a cooperative process in which I spend a lot of time listening to you and gaining a thorough understanding of the goals and aspirations and fears you have regarding your business. Then I share with you the strategies that I’ve learned and used to help you address those fears and reach those aspirations. Then I listen to you some more as we mold those strategies to your unique needs and niche. Finally, we implement them, see what works and what doesn’t, and do it again. It’s important to me that you see me as not only an ally but also a peer rather than a perfect expert who has all the answers. I don’t want to sit back and tell you what to do for an hour each week. I’m more interested in using my skills to help you figure out what works best for you.

+ When will I get to schedule my calls?

Once you purchase the program and schedule your Exploration Call, you'll receive a short series of emails that contain your contract, your Welcome Packet, and instructions on how to schedule the rest of your calls. Those emails will arrive within a week of you signing up for the program.

+ What is the reschedule policy for calls?

Since the program is a contained within a month of work, the calls can only be rescheduled within the same calendar week, and each call can only be rescheduled once. It's imperative that the timeline be followed, so make sure you can dedicate yourself to a solid calendar month of once-weekly calls. You'll be able to set which day each week to have your call, and it doesn't have to be the same day each week.

+ How can I get the most out of the calls?

You can get the most out of the calls by doing the prep work ahead of time. During each coaching call we will review the responses and exercises from the workbooks, so it's important that you complete the work and make it accessible to me before we meet. Detailed instructions on workbook completion are inside the Welcome Packet.

+ How much time will this take each week?

I recommend setting aside 30 minutes to an hour 3-5 days each week. It is an intensive program designed to give you actionable results in a short timeframe (one month), so having time each day to dig into the materials and review the information in our calls is a good idea.

+ Can I pay in installments?

At this time the program does not have a payment plan and must be paid for in full.

+ What is the refund policy?

Because of the digital nature of aspects of the program, $125 is considered a non-refundable deposit upon purchase. If at any time you wish to cancel prior to the start of the program, let me know and you will receive a refund of three-fourths the purchase ($374). If you wish to cancel during the first week of the program, let me know and you will receive a refund of half the purchase price ($249). There are no refunds after the first week of the program.

+ What if my question isn't here?

I'd love to heard your questions and concerns if you're on the fence or need more information before purchasing. Shoot me an email at olivia [at] oliviapener [dot] com and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.