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because your friends are too nice
to give you an honest review

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you finally did it!


You hopped on Facebook Live and taught that
masterclass you'd been planning for like six months.

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  • You moved through the slides you prepared and spoke like you knew what you were talking about - surprise! you know things!
  • You read the comments and maybe even answered a few questions during the workshop - look at you improvising!
  • You actually remembered to record the damn thing so you could send out the replay to the people who signed up - yay!

Feels good, right?


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now that it's over though...

Your brain has all the questions:

  • Did I sound like an idiot responding to the comments? Should I pre-record my workshop next time?
  • I was super nervous. Could people tell I was nervous? Can they tell I'm still nervous even though it's over?
  • Was this even helpful for people? Should I have done more??
  • Was I rushing? Maybe I was talking too slowly. OMG IDK!!
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aaaaaaaand that good feeling is gone.




You want feedback on what you just did so you can
make it even better next time. (And/or gain insight
on whether there should even be a next time.)


also fact:


Your friends love you and don't want to hurt your
feelings, so they might say "it was so amazing!"
hoping you'll feel better about yourself.

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you need this:


fluff free feedback

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An in-depth review of something you've done or made

  • Interaction with your content by someone who isn't trying to shame you and can be unbiased and honest but kind about it
  • A thorough review of content length, relevance to your audience, visual/audio presentation, delivery, and general observations
  • Kudos where they are due, and constructive critiques for the things that are confusing or klunky
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Thank you so much for being

an amazing human and a

wonderful business buddy.

"Olivia watched and then rewatched my masterclass (the one where I began questioning everything I've ever thought of myself once I turned off the camera).

She gave me so many actionable and helpful tips to grow as a presenter, giving me a little faith in myself that I've not had since 3pm three days ago!"

Lydia Kitts

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what you get:

  • An in-depth review of a piece of content you've created:
    • A longform blog post (think pillar content)
    • A recent masterclass or workshop
    • An opt-in freebie
    • A sales or landing page
  • Detailed review notes
    • What works
    • What maybe doesn't work so well
    • Questions for you to gather insight on your own
    • Suggested action items

who am i to even offer
something like this?

fair question.

You know what you're talking about. You wouldn't have started your service business in the first place if you didn't actually understand data-driven design, or user experience, or creating apps without writing any code. Your issue isn't a lack of knowledge.

What you don't know is how your information is received by your audience, especially if it's supposed to communicate to them just how capable and knowledgeable you are. You want to make sure what you're doing for your people actually serves them in a meaningful way. You want them to learn stuff and then work with you.

You also know that if you're speed-talking through a workshop because you're nervous, your audience is probably missing important and valuable information that you want them to have.

I'm not here to tell you how to do your job. I'm here to encourage you like I'm your grandma, give you feedback like I'm your auntie, throw in a little sarcasm like I'm your older sister, and cheer you on when you try again like I'm your kid.

You know what you're doing. I'm just helping you get out of your head about it.

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how it works:

  1. You click the button, schedule your review, and pay
  2. You receive an email with a little welcome note from me and a questionnaire for you to fill out
    1. If I have questions or need further clarification on your questionnaire responses, I'll let you know via email
    2. This is also where you attach the file or drop the link for the thing you want me to review
  3. I start the review on the date you picked in step 1
    1. I won't start the review until the questionnaire stuff is good to go so it's important to get that done before your scheduled review date
  4. 48 hours later you get another email from me with your detailed review notes attached

who it's for: