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Let's be real for a second...

Your Audible library is growing faster than kids' feet. (How do they go through four sizes in six months like that??)

Your "Books" wishlist on Amazon is a mile long. (Don't lie, we all have one)

You got a letter in the mail from the actual library saying they were suspending your account because you still haven't returned 12 books...and they're all collecting dust on your nightstand.

Maybe that last one was just me, but still.

The point is: #youlovebooks, you just don't always read them. You might if you had some accountability, but your IRL book club is full of friends who are only there for the wine and the hummus plate. (Mmmmm, hummus. Sign me up.)

You need a squad that shares your appetite for written word and will actually show up because they understand how lonely entrepreneur life can be sometimes.



Welcome to the low-key, super informal book club for people who show up to book club because you actually read the book and you want to discuss it.

Photo Credit:  TONL

Photo Credit: TONL

Why "Travel Guides?"

We all have certain people we admire. These people have business we want to emulate, lives we strive to model our own after, and accomplishments that motivate us to action. That phrase about all of us having the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce makes sense to us because if she can make magic happen, so can we.

This book club is about finding people who inspire us with their words and allowing those words to guide us - like the guides on the tour bus who know everything about the city, all the way down to who laid the cobblestone on 37th street back in 1569.

Our business and life experiences are our travels, and we are driving the tour bus. Although we still have to forge our own paths, it's always nice to have help from some more seasoned travelers who can point out possible pitfalls and unseen advantages.

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(Here's what you can expect when you join:



One book every two months. That way if you're waiting for a paycheck to drop before you can buy the book, you aren't missing out on half the conversation.

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Worksheets and journaling prompts to guide you through the book and assist you in applying it to your own business and life.



A Facebook Group where you can share your thoughts, listen to the wisdom of others, and explore between the lines together.

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Weekly chats (via Zoom) to dig deep into what we've read and how it pertains to us as business owners. Feel free to bring wine and hummus!


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Here's what we're reading now, what we've read in months past, and upcoming topics for you to suggest a book to read next! (You have to be in the club to make suggestions though. I might be biased but I think our little community is the bomb dot com.)


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Reading Now:

"Braving the Wilderness"

by Brené Brown

Brené introduces new research on the ways in which humans seek out and try to establish true connection, both with themselves and one another. Her new book not only explains the ways we miss the mark but also what we can do to find the connection we seek, especially when we are alone.