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Either you are going to run your business or your mind will run it for you. Which do you choose?

I'm willing to bet on you.

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Ever seen the movie 'Speed?'

In case you haven't, it stars Keanu Reeves as a cop who has to save a city bus full of people from being blown up by a bomb attached to the bottom of the bus. The bomb goes off if the bus drops below 50mph.

If all he had to do was keep the bus moving he'd be set. Since he's not the only person on the bus, he also has to contend with all the passengers (and they are neither calm nor quiet), help the guy who got shot, get everybody off, find the bomber, etc.

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>> you are keanu reeves <<


You don't get to just drive the bus (your business). You have Noisy Passengers in your head telling you what they think about your customer service, your ability to make money, and your worth as an entrepreneur in general. You get sidetracked by all the offers online to solve all of your problems if you buy a course in the next 20 minutes. You have a list of goals you want to accomplish and a daily to-do list getting longer by the minute. The only thing you don't have is a bomb stuck to the bottom of your desk (#thankgod).


I'm here to help. Consider me the Sandra Bullock to your Keanu. (She's in the movie too. Just go with it.) I can't drive the bus for you (because I'm not you), but I'll give you pointed guidance for getting started and staying in motion, coach you through the difficult spots, and help you get where you want to go. (I won't kiss you at the end either, but I will give you a GIF high five!)

How can I help you drive your bus to greatness?

Choose a direction for your business to travel
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You've bought courses, watched YouTube videos, attended webinars, and downloaded freebies to help you "find your why." You've even snagged a few paying clients, but you still feel like you're starting from scratch every day with no clear direction.

Clearly define what you want to do and why you want to do it, and develop a set of personalized workflows to have your business firing on all cylinders with this 1-month coaching program.

Orient Coaching Program

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Your audience knows what you offer, you have systems in place to run your business from day to day, and you're making money. Your mind, however, is impeding progress by telling you all the things you don't want to hear. Plus, even though the online business world is full of people, you feel alone and disconnected.

Join this 3-month group coaching program to participate in a supportive community of other entrepreneurs and learn together how to address the noise in your mind so it doesn't distract you from your work or stop you altogether.

Maneuver Group Coaching Program

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Navigate through your mental business obstacles

Reach your business destination and chart new courses
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You know your "why," your business is humming, and your clients and students are loving your work. You've got a framework for relating to your mind in a way that keeps you in the driver's seat with your foot on the gas pedal, and the encouragement and support of a dedicated group of fellow online entrepreneurs.

Take your business to the next level by implementing a long-term, upcoming goal (that may have been sitting on your to-do list for quite some time) in this 6-month laser-focused coaching program.

Arrive Coaching Program

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The guidance Olivia has provided is

amazing and has helped me push even

further ahead with my goals.

"I was offered an unexpected opportunity that I didn’t feel worthy of - in fact I felt rather fearful of - even though it aligned completely with my work and my passion. Olivia helped me to see that the fear I felt was in itself proof of how much this opportunity meant to me, and  provided me with multiple exercises to enable me to focus on what was important to me. I ended up giving the best workshop of my life, and have been approached by other companies to do more."

~ Eve Tokens (The Creative Curator)

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